Allow Jean Sseninde United Ltd Grow Organically

Allow Jean Sseninde United Ltd Grow Organically

Written by Makhtum Muziransa


The Jean Sseninde United will have six arms; agency, consultancy, development camp, events management, senior team and academy but allow me focus on the football teams that will be aptly nicknamed Red Ants. Ants are important in our Eco-system through their ability to pollinate, aerate soils and are apparently key ingredients in the production of Anti-biotics.


The Red Ants – the women’s football team and its subsidiary youth teams – will grow into becoming the key arm of this foundation. That is why it needs to grow organically with focus hinged on ways the ants live. After all ant colonies are started by queens, who then allocate work to their female counterparts with little reserved for the male ones, with the harmonious sisterhood very important for day-to-day operations of the colony.


This company was formed to promote women’s football so like ants, it should live by the ‘women agenda’. It would make sense for such a team to promote competent; female coaches at the top of its management pyramid, female scouts and administrators. But that should not mean locking out men that are in love with the women’s game. The last message goes to the proprietor of Jean Sseninde United; colony heads do not die after establishing their anthills.


They continue to live to with many years of egg-laying ahead of them. Leave room for growth and be open-minded.


There is a famous story about how mobile companies in Uganda set their targets when they established mobile money options.

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